About Me

Well met, fellow travelers!

I'm Tracey, a 20-something writer in the Canadian Prairies. Trying to encapsulate a personality in a few words is no easy task, and a list will do the most efficient job.

  • I'm a homeschool graduate.
  • In the bookish realm, fantasy is my homeland.
  • I write because I need to, and because I hope that someone else needs me to.
  • New notebooks call to me.
  • I snap pictures of shadows. (And feet. No idea why.)
  • I sketch.
  • My space is organized chaos.
  • I love the colors of the Caribbean, watermelon, and spring leaves.
  • Please take me to Narnia because I left my heart there.
  • Captain America is my favorite Marvel superhero, but apparently, as an INFJ, my personality is the same as Batman's (though I fail to see many similarities).
  • Dark chocolate trumps milk or white.
  • I laugh easily and cry easily.
  • I am a paradox because a sunny optimist and a cynic coexist in my brain.
  • I adore humor.
  • I'm a person of strong convictions, and Jesus is the difference in my life.

Life is a grand adventure, and this blog is a place where our quests intersect. It is my hope that it can be a rest stop at which you can brush off the dust of your travels, warm your hands by the fire, and find stories in the coals. An armory where you can sharpen your blade, shine your armor, and stock your quiver. Let's swap tales, remind ourselves of the light, and look for the story the Author is weaving in each of our lives.

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  1. OHMYGOODNESS, YOUR NEW ABOUT ME PAGE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! *flaiiils* Ack, Tracey girl, you're so. gorgeous. REALLY. (And I adore your necklace, by the way.) Love love love this. <33333

    New notebooks...YESH. I have like...five empty ones. XD I keep buying lovely ones and placing them on my shelf, too afraid to use them lest they be ruined. I CAN'T STOP COLLECTING THEM. It is an actual problem.

    TAKE ME TO NARNIA PLEASE AND THANK YOU. *wishes for a wardrobe* Gosh darn it, closets don't seem to work. >.>

    Hehe, milk and white chocolate shall always and forever be first in my mind. My grandpa scarred me for life when he told me I would "like" 80% dark chocolate. NEEDLESS TO SAY I DID NOT. Dark chocolate and I are not on speaking terms. But that's okay because milk chocolate agreed to be my friend. *smiles*

    Okay, WOW. So I was fully intending on just coming over and leaving a quick note, BUT APPARENTLY THAT DID NOT HAPPEN. Love your new page, dear!

    1. *flaiiiiiils even more than you* D'awww, thank you for such a sweet comment! You're precious. ^_^ <333

      I have empty ones lying about too, and also some almost-empty ones that I forced myself to start (because otherwise I wouldn't). Seems we have that in common too! When I find a beautiful notebook, I want to have an express purpose for it, one worthy of the notebook's specialness. It's harder to decide than one would think. :P

      ME TOO PLEASE. Closets are useless for interdimensional travel. We need a wardrobe carved of a magical apple tree. *nods* And I don't think the apple tree in my backyard is magical enough, or even big enough, to suffice.

      Lolzy, 70% is probably my favorite. Anything higher is getting a tad too bitter for my tastes. And if you don't like dark chocolate, then there's all the more for me! XD I'll swap you my milk and white.

      When does Mary ever leave a quick note, eh? I kid, I kid. XDDD THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH!!

    2. Beverly CulliganJuly 28, 2016 at 9:43 AM

      You are amazing my girl! Beautiful,well that is obvious but talented too! I now have a fantasy land I can enter at my convenience. So exciting! I brought a 1 pound chocolate bar over to Grandma's condo. I think it is dark. xo I may comment too much now that I know where to find you in your little(very exciting) world which I can't wait to be a part of. A. Bev

    3. Awww, thank you, Auntie Bev! So sweet of you to say. I'll have to sneak into Grandma's place to get a nibble of that giant chocolate bar. XD And there's no such thing as commenting too much. I'm glad to have you here in my little corner of the internet!

    4. Heyyyyy, who says closets are useless for interdimensional travel? That's where I go to zip between universes! :P

      Well, sometimes. Honestly, anywhere private is good. ;)

      Oh, right! o.o I forgot to introduce myself! So sorry!

      I'm Karalee, a total geek about all things fiction! <3 C: I am a frequent visitor of your sister (known to me as Lostfairy)'s blog. I love to write, and fantasy is an AMAZING genre, especially Narnia. (Though my heart shall always be beside Sherlock Holmes. (; ) Your blog is incredible, and I admit to being rather envious of your About Me page. :D Thank you for making this wonderful resource, and I know I'll come back again and again!

      But not now. ):L My brother wants the computer.

      Kara <3

    5. Great to meet you, Kara! Welcome to Adventure Awaits! I have to say, finding out you came here from Lostfairy's blog makes me so happy. ^_^ (Isn't she awesome? I mean, I may be biased, but even so...)

      Closets ARE handy transporters, especially when they lead to Narnia! XD As for Sherlock, I've sadly read none of those stories (shocking, I know!), but seeing how he's such a classic character, I'm sure I'll get around to him one of these days.

      Aww, thank you! I look forward to seeing you again! Haha, the joys of sharing computers, right? I've been there. XD

  2. Me likes your pictures!!! <3

  3. Hey Tracey! Isn't that funny, I'm an INFJ too!
    Take me to Narnia... Lol. Middle earth for me, but ya know. I'd go to Narnia in a heartbeat.

    1. No way! They say INFJ's are the rarest personality type, but I've been running into them all over the place on the internet. XD

      Ohhh yes, Middle Earth would be incredible too! I'm partial to Narnia in a slightly different way, only because I read about it at a younger age than Middle Earth, but I'd gladly visit either if I could. ;)

  4. I took a basic personality-type test, and I'm supposedly also of a "Diplomat" type, though mine is ENFP-A ("Campaigner"). I think our personalities sound the coolest, along with the "Explorers" (ISTP, ISFP, ESTP, and ESFP).

    1. Neat! I think all the personalities have something fascinating about them, even if some are more challenging to get along with at times.