The Brightest Thread (a Sleeping Beauty retelling)
Status: Work-in-progress. Currently editing.
Premise: Luci hates the forced perfection of her magical gifts. Yet when she succumbs to a hundred-year sleeping curse, she finds the dream realm to be a far worse prison. Walking through dreams in search of another dreamer to rescue her, she unwittingly calls dozens of sleepers to their deaths, and vows never to ask for freedom again. But her extended stay in this realm is causing nightmares to escape into the waking world. And far away, a prince is dreaming too. If he is to save the weeping maiden haunting his dreams—and if she is to save him—there will be a high price to pay. For as the fairies say, truest love bleeds.

Journeys of the Chosen*

*(badly in need of a new series title)
A big, epic project birthed nine years ago. A YA portal fantasy rife with dragons, quests, and yes, even chosen ones, but also shot through with raw conflict and world-changing decisions. Official blurb forthcoming.

Book 1 // The Prophet's Quest
Status: Mostly complete. Still needs minor editing.
Story in three words: dragons, questing, transformation.

Book 2 // The Prophet's Key
Status: Paused. Rewriting.
Story in three words: elementals, doubt, hunt.

Untitled Book 3 // Untitled Book 4 // Untitled Book 5
Status: Still in my head. These are my problem children until I can get the plots nailed down.


The Brightest Thread (the original version of what is now a novel)
Status: Complete.
Story in three words: dreams, sacrifice, curse.

Blood Rose (a Beauty and the Beast retelling)
Status: Complete.
Story in three words: broken, mansion, blood.

The Glass Girl (a Cinderella retelling)
Status: Complete
Story in three words: glassworks, strength, conspiracy.


A handful of tales, including Tired of Doing Good, The Fortress of Eternal Winter, and Redemptive Scars.


Over 60 pieces penned from 2011-2017. Some horrid, others beloved.


  1. Hahahaha, I love your poetry description. 'Over 50 pieces, some horrid, others beloved.' That's exactly how I feel (to quote Cinderella 2015). ;) Perhaps you may consider posting some of it?

    1. LOL, thanks, Isi! XD (And I love Cinderella '15.) I actually have posted a few pieces! If you look at the list of labels in my sidebar, just click on "poetry" and you'll find what I've put on here. Thanks for your interest!

  2. With what you said about your novels above...me exactly with my books. Only book 4 is written down but it is mostly in my head. :)

    1. Hi Daisy! Haha, we writers are funny creatures, aren't we? ;) One day we'll get these books down on paper!

      (By the way, your comment on this page reminded me it's need of revamping. XD)

    2. Yeah, we writers totally are funny creatures. :) Question, is there a way to edit a comment without deleting it?

    3. I don't think you can, at least not on Blogger. I've wished I could many times, though! XD

  3. Wowzas! You have a lot of WIPs! They all sound great!:D

    D.G. Snapper | silverphoenixwriter.blogspot.com